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ITCA Southern Training 21 T7

Bosham Sailing Club (Cobnor Site)

2nd October 2021

ITCA Southern Area Training club at Bosham Sailing Club  (Cobnor) - Cobnor Point, Chidham, Chichester PO18 8TE 

Map here 

The coaching Team is James Ripley, Amy Barr, James Russ.

Details will be confirmed in due course but plan to be rigged and ready for sailing by 0930.

Book Cobnor parking and harbour visitors fees on the open meeting page here.

Overnight boat and trailer parking is availble but is at owners' risk (indicate requirement on open meeting booking).

Thanks to RYA sponsorship of ITCA training the event cost will be £30. 


  1. In all cases, the number of entries will be limited by the availability of coaches and safety boats. Once the initial entry limit has been reached, a waiting list will be maintained pending availability of additional places
  2. Covid-19 refunds –
    1. If a competitor needs to cancel due to a requirement to self-isolate or
    2. If due to tighter Government Covid-19 restrictions or adverse weather conditions, the event is cancelled then it will be planned to provide a full refund (however this may be less any unrecoverable costs of the Organising Authority).
  3. If an entry is cancelled by the participants for any other reason their entry fee will be refunded as follows:
    1. Cancellation more than 14 days before the event. Entry fee less £5 admin charge
    2. Cancellation more than 7-14 days before the event if place can be resold. Entry fee less £5 admin charge
    3. Cancellation within 7 days of the event. No refunds
  4. Any sailor who is unwell should not attend a training camp; to do so compromises the sailor’s recovery or can compromise the health of other sailors. In such circumstances, please contact Andrew Goodman at [email protected], in advance.


Bosham Sailing Club (Cobnor Site)

Cobnor - Cobnor Point, Chidham,
West Sussex
United Kingdom
PO18 8TE