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SW Open Coaching 2018: 3


Wait List

Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 48066 GBR GBR 48066 370
Wilcox, OliverFOSSC/Paignton SC
Holborn, AlexParkstone YC/Paignton SC
GBR 46923 GBR GBR 46923 320
Hawker, FlorenceSouth cerney sc
GBR 44437 GBR GBR 44437 582
Baker, EdwardFrampton On Severn SC (FOSSC)/Paignton SC
GBR 48153 GBR GBR 48153 317
Somerville, HarryPoole YC
GBR 46133 GBR GBR 46133
Southall, BellaChew Valley Lake SC
Holborn, DanielParkstone YC/Paignton SC
GBR 45617 GBR GBR 45617 648
Richardson, BenedictCastle Cove SC
GBR 43590 GBR GBR 43590 130
Adler, BenCCSC
GBR 44142 GBR GBR 44142 342
Townsend, DruPortishead Yacht and SC
GBR 45299 GBR GBR 45299 228
Assirati, AlexCastle Cove SC
GBR 43150 GBR GBR 43150 231
Assirati, CamillaCastle Cove SC
GBR 47021 GBR GBR 47021 230
Assirati, IsabelCastle Cove SC
GBR 45654 GBR GBR 45654 514
Jinks, MadeleinePaignton SC
Walters, HarriCastle Cove SC
GBR 45833 GBR GBR 45833
Dencher, OliverCastle Cove SC
GBR 19534 GBR GBR 19534
Muelaner, KyleCSC
GBR 46459 GBR GBR 46459 193
Smith, IsabelleBrixham YC/Paignton SC

If your name is not on this list, you have not completed all the stages of the entry process AND/OR we are still waiting for your entry fee to clear. Please login to finalise your entry.

Wait List

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 10000 GBR GBR 10000 1
Howarth, FreddiePoole YC

If your name is on this list, you will be advised if and when additional entries can be accepted.


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