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NW Topper Traveller 2018: 2


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Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 47266 GBR GBR 47266 337
Platt, TomBolton SC
GBR 12421 GBR GBR 12421 519
Fisher, DaisyHollingworth Lake
GBR 37488 GBR GBR 37488 128
Beacock , Mary-anne Coniston sc
GBR 45828 GBR GBR 45828
Greaves, MeganElton Sailing club
GBR 47393 GBR GBR 47393 557
Burbedge, WilliamChester Sailing and Canoeing Club
GBR 48261 GBR GBR 48261 297
Fidling, LeahChester Sailing and Canoeing Club
GBR 47394 GBR GBR 47394 285
Fidling, OwenChester Sailing and Canoeing Club
GBR 43834 GBR GBR 43834
Fidling, Rhys (old)Chester Sailing and Canoeing Club
GBR 48252 GBR GBR 48252 223
Link, ThomasLeigh and Lowton SC
GBR 48079 GBR GBR 48079 125
Welsh , George Chester Sailing and Canoeing Club

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