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Rooster South East Traveller 2018:6


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Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 47902 GBR GBR 47902 572
koe, henrysouth bank sailing club
GBR 47780 GBR GBR 47780 684
Evans, AaronSilver Wing SC
GBR 46919 GBR GBR 46919 640
Pascali, AntonioIBRSC
GBR 48177 GBR GBR 48177 694
Hudson, WilliamNewhaven & Seaford SC
GBR 45975 GBR GBR 45975 318
Woolgar, JohnnyPapercourt SC
GBR 48249 GBR GBR 48249 263
Wilkinson, LeoMaidenhead SC
GBR 44089 GBR GBR 44089 375
Mclelland, OrlaIsland Barn Reservoir SC
GBR 45047 GBR GBR 45047 571
Vidler, Milescmyc
GBR 46046 GBR GBR 46046 204
Barrett, Lily Island Barn Reservoir SC

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