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East Area Open Coaching - 31 May 2018


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Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ NoClass Entrants
GBR 42046 GBR GBR 42046 Other sailors
Wright, JessicaWaldringfield SC
GBR 46610 GBR GBR 46610 240Other sailors
Taylor, AimeeBlackwater SC
GBR 28630 GBR GBR 28630 Other sailors
taylor, jessicaBlackwater SC
GBR 45633 GBR GBR 45633 614Other sailors
Taylor, LloydBlackwater SC
GBR GBR GBR Other sailors
Rains, AliceWaldringfield SC
GBR 44144 GBR GBR 44144 Other sailors
Rains, LucyWaldringfield SC
GBR 44192 GBR GBR 44192 155Other sailors
Jennings, Oliver RHYC
GBR 9000 GBR GBR 9000 178Other sailors
Jennings, TomWaldingfield
GBR 47748 GBR GBR 47748 682Other sailors
Woodard, CiaraWaldringfield SC & Deben YC
GBR 12345 GBR GBR 12345 Norfolk Broads YC members only
White , Charley NBYC
GBR 44523 GBR GBR 44523 Norfolk Broads YC members only
White , Harry NBYC
GBR 46733 GBR GBR 46733 245Other sailors
Robinson, DaisyFishers Green SC
GBR 46134 GBR GBR 46134 258Other sailors
Matthews, NicholasCorinthan Oters
GBR GBR GBR 578Other sailors
marshall, jorjarhyc/rhs
GBR 19145 GBR GBR 19145 579Other sailors
marshall, alissaRhs
GBR 46391 GBR GBR 46391 201Other sailors
Ball, TedDraycote Water SC
GBR 27061 GBR GBR 27061 685Other sailors
Fitzgerald, NoahAlton Water SC/ WSC
GBR 32455 GBR GBR 32455 683Other sailors
Green, AmeliaRutland SC
GBR 47002 GBR GBR 47002 503Other sailors
Green, JosephRutland SC

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