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North West Topper Open Training: Feb18


Wait List

Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 46023 GBR GBR 46023 172
Peckham, NoƩLeigh & Lowton SC
GBR 12421 GBR GBR 12421 519
Fisher, DaisyHollingworth Lake
GBR 48261 GBR GBR 48261 297
Fidling, LeahChester Sailing and Canoeing Club
GBR 46303 GBR GBR 46303 599
Wood, HarrietJumbles
GBR 47075 GBR GBR 47075 293
Yarwood, CourtneyLeigh & Lowton SC
GBR 47743 GBR GBR 47743 295
Yarwood, JadeLeigh & Lowton SC
GBR 37488 GBR GBR 37488 128
Beacock , Mary-anne Coniston sc
GBR 45828 GBR GBR 45828 547
Greaves, MeganElton Sailing club
GBR 48345 GBR GBR 48345 627
Corson, FelixLlandudno SC
GBR 44200 GBR GBR 44200
Oldrini, ThomasPennine SC
GBR 45433 GBR GBR 45433 218
Pierce-Jones, AnnabellePDSC
Nixey-Godfrey, PoppyKielder Water SC
GBR 42132 GBR GBR 42132 373
Lowery, AlexanderElton Sailing club
GBR 48094 GBR GBR 48094 676
Herbert, CaitlinLlyn Brenig SC

If your name is not on this list, you have not completed all the stages of the entry process AND/OR we are still waiting for your entry fee to clear. Please login to finalise your entry.

Wait List

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 46578 GBR GBR 46578 387
Morris, LlionLlandudno SC

If your name is on this list, you will be advised if and when additional entries can be accepted.


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