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East Area Traveller 2018: 9 Jun


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Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ No Entrants
GBR 42046 GBR GBR 42046
Wright, JessicaWaldringfield SC
GBR 47625 GBR GBR 47625 379
Thwaites, TomRoyal Norfolk and Suffolk YC / NBYC
GBR 47172 GBR GBR 47172 397
Edmonds, RoseSnettisham Beach SC
GBR 45586 GBR GBR 45586 673
Walford, RyanHickling broad sailing club/SFSC
GBR 46292 GBR GBR 46292 691
Thwaites , EllieRoyal Norfolk and Suffolk YC / NBYC
GBR 48309 GBR GBR 48309 251
Knight, Charlotte Norfolk Broads YC
GBR 46942 GBR GBR 46942 232
Eaton, AmeliaSnettisham Beach SC
GBR 46223 GBR GBR 46223 156
McLeod Fleming, GraydonHunts SC
GBR 45562 GBR GBR 45562 180
McLeod Fleming, MalcolmHunts SC
GBR 27061 GBR GBR 27061 685
Fitzgerald, NoahAlton Water SC/ WSC
GBR 47680 GBR GBR 47680 399
Webb, FinleyHarwich Town SC
McKean, GeorgeHorning sailing club
GBR 47927 GBR GBR 47927 291
GBR 43183 GBR GBR 43183 633
Evans, TimothyGrafham SC

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