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Rooster Southern Traveller 2018:7 / South East Traveller 12


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Accepted Entries

    Sail No Champ NoClass Entrants
GBR 46720 GBR GBR 46720 222Topper
Barry, FrederickWarsash SC
GBR 48306 GBR GBR 48306 531Topper
McHale, Catherine Chichester YC
GBR 47902 GBR GBR 47902 572Topper
koe, henrysouth bank sailing club
GBR 48082 GBR GBR 48082 502Topper
Briggs, RoanNewhaven and seaford sailing club
GBR 44529 GBR GBR 44529 152Topper
Freemantle, OlliePoole YC
GBR 47796 GBR GBR 47796 559Topper
Sword, CameronQueen Mary SC/Papercourt
GBR 45757 GBR GBR 45757 385Topper
Green, River Poole YC
GBR 48153 GBR GBR 48153 317Topper
Somerville, HarryPoole YC
GBR 47860 GBR GBR 47860 506Topper
Gran, CharliePortchester SC / JET's
GBR 47637 GBR GBR 47637 127Topper
Smith, AmyWarsash SC
GBR 48186 GBR GBR 48186 630Topper
Daglish, LucyHill Head SC
GBR 48192 GBR GBR 48192 636Topper
Daglish, SofiaHill Head SC / Jets
GBR 48102 GBR GBR 48102 126Topper
Curtis, JamesBosham SC
GBR 42804 GBR GBR 42804 Topper
Kump, JakeWest Wittering SC
GBR 47426 GBR GBR 47426 Topper
Kump, TateChichester YC
GBR 47853 GBR GBR 47853 134Topper
Perkins, DanielWarsash SC / JETS
GBR 47658 GBR GBR 47658 100Topper
Condie, AliciaGoring Thames SC
GBR 45975 GBR GBR 45975 318Topper 5.3
Woolgar, JohnnyPapercourt SC
GBR 48259 GBR GBR 48259 203Topper 5.3
Thurlby, RichardHill Head SC / Jets
GBR 48249 GBR GBR 48249 263Topper 5.3
Wilkinson, LeoMaidenhead SC
GBR 48193 GBR GBR 48193 108Topper 4.2
Rees, ImmiWarsash SC
GBR 45700 GBR GBR 45700 165Topper 5.3
Peng, AndyWarsash SC

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